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How to Run a Band Rehearsal

Posted - 12/05/2011

Running an effective band rehearsal requires several pieces of a puzzle to come together. But, no matter what level your group is at--either preparing for that first show or working up new tunes before the next tour--the main hindrance to truly effective rehearsals is having the proper place to do it, and finding that space is the key piece of that puzzle which must be found in order to make sure rehearsal time is productive. Hiring a band rehearsal space immediately takes rehearsal time to a level of true professionalism, first and foremost because it requires the commitment of cash--when a rehearsal space has been booked and paid for it puts just that little bit extra responsibility on all group members to plan ahead, be on time, and most importantly to be prepared. Also, hiring a rehearsal space encourages all members to have their equipment in a gig-ready state. The added ability to play at showtime volume is also important in order for all members to find proper tones and settings. By booking a rehearsal space it forces everyone to practice things they might have otherwise overlooked on the day of the show but are vital to a good performance.
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